Living – Day 13 of April PAD

Living with the squids
brings flexibility to the surface
of our minds.

Living with the wolves
teaches us how to catch pray
and be merciless.

Living with the butterflies
allows us to flex and change
in ways we don’t control.

Living with people
tosses us in the jungle
where no rules or laws
will function.

Living alone
frees us from all worries
just to drag us into
the dessert of nothingness
which is also
a lack of all meaning.

What’s best, you’ll ask?
Living is what matters most.

A Cat Living Nine Lives

Is that true?
If yes, how come we don’t
see the same cat again?
If no, how come we all
repeat this?

©2024, soulmary

I sometimes…

Pure stuff 😉 No explanation, no process notes. Simply read.

swamp city to stop and ponder on life
Image credit: charliespiral at DeviantArt

You know, I sometimes stop
and ponder.
You know the times –
You’ve seen the symptoms.

I think and wonder.
The wind comes higher
and cold amidst the trees.
And yet, I hardly breathe
for heat, I hardly listen
to the music of my heart
and to the moving sounds
of my breast –
up and down.

We hardly have the time
to stop and ponder
Because we play on

No wonder life
has that smooth
unceasing impulse
to go, to come,
to strike us down.
We pass.

© 2013, soulmary