Voyage, April PAD Day 2

I started this poem off as a haiku. Then I decided to leave my favourite form and get to “real” poeming. You know the moment when somebody reads a haiku you’ve written and exclaims: “Oh, you mean THIS? I guess, I was expecting a POEM. But this… well, OK.” I have had this happen several times, plus I can see that literary magazines don’t like haiku, unless they are specialized in it.

Everyone says “Brevity is the soul of wit.” and stuff like that. But still, people prefer it the other way, me included. For a haiku poet I am rather wordy, don’t you think?
April Poem-A-Day, Day 02 – Voyage

Stars rise and fade
in whispers unheard.
Train wheels rattle on the tracks.

It is time.

Time races against the stars,
deaf to their moans,
insensitive to my sighs,
blind to the burden on
the luggage rack.

Wheels rattle on,
unseeing the end,
because the tracks go round
the earth, girdle it
like a mindless belt.

Stars rise,
in every sky,
each minute.
Where are the eyes to see them all,
and the hearts to hear their cry?

Mutilated souls migrate.

©2014, Mariya Koleva