The Sombre Chapbook

For some time my beloved Emo has been urging me to put together a small chapbook as a way of getting my poems in order and as a first step towards marketing my skills (which he lovingly refers to as “talent”).  No need to mention that I agreed right away and since then,  I have been thinking of a title for that chapbook.

Finally,  early this morning,  as I was putting on my sunscreen,  it dawned on me!  It will be a “Sombre Chapbook”.  (Are you able to see the subtle link that emerged in my mind –  sun protection and the coming autumn?)  I will put it together and “release” it in time for the autumn “fall of the leaf”,  so that my poetry-loving friends may enjoy a small,  but,  I hope,  precious addition to their melancholic Sunday afternoon readings.

Further news to be cast shortly (or,  to borrow Adi’s expression [which has also been borrowed]):  “earlier or later”.

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader