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Saturday Satisfaction

The way this week goes, I need to think up something clever in connection with Saturday, as well. Well, satisfaction to my mind is a pretty accurate attribute of the day.

Sleeping in late, or maybe lingering in bed, even if you have woken up early due to working habits; having a nice and relaxed breakfast and the lack of necessity to do anything in particular… (if that is the case, of course) can be mighty satisfying. Well, it is often the case that we use our weekends to get some “work” done, for lack of time during the week. I guess that is a normal human urge – to get busy with something, to take part, even if we do complain a lot about it.

I’ll admit what I hate about Saturdays. I hate it when people (too general, I know) insist that we go to visit, or that they come to visit. In short, I hate visits, no matter in which direction. It feels like I am wasting my time for relaxation. I hate interaction with people who come by for a coffee and stay for 3 or 4 hours, talking small talk. Oh, yes – I definitely dislike small talk. Not that I have anything particularly “big” to talk about. I hate it if we go over to their place, although we may leave any time we want. Ha! – in fact, with this type of people, it is not so easy to leave. They say: “Oh, why so early? Stay and let’s talk.” Beyond all my powers of patience (which are very scarce) is behaviour of the sort – “Why do you want to go home? What are you going to do there?” If you make the mistake of suggesting anything, say – “we need to do some cleaning”, they go like, “Oh, you’ll do it, no need to hurry. What are you going to clean? Your house is so small, you’ll be ready in no time. What else?” Well – maybe now it’s hahaha, but I’m sure a lot of us have been there, right. 😉

So, the Saturdays I get the most satisfaction are those that I spend with three living beings only (one is a cat). No arrangements, no appointments and thus – no arguments. My husband will confirm on the last one.

So far, this has been such a Saturday. Enjoy it, have the satisfaction you are looking for and don’t forget to kiss your most beloved living beings today, as well!

Friday Freshness

Until very recently I was certain my favourite day of the week was Saturday – the weekend has begun, yet there is still a lot to go before its end. Today, however, while doing a silly old fun test I stopped and realised that my favours have shifted from Saturday, which is probably the best-loved day of the week for the above reasons, to Friday, or even Monday.

Let’s stay focused on Friday, though. The fresh freedom foreboded by the final working day (usually) is actually more intoxicating than the very beginning of the weekend. Does that also mean that I have shifted my preferences from the actual real thing to the mere expectation and pre-taste of it? If it does, that’s terrible. And terrifying. Still, one is free to shift perspectives and preferences across the whole week, so I’ll worry about that later – when it features as an issue, for example.

So, enjoy your Friday freshness, your Friday freedom and stay away from Friday frights or Friday frets!