Starry Night and In the Middle – Days 14-15

Hi, this time I post two Days’ poems in one post, not just because I penned them late, but also because they somehow belong together. For the Day 14, I drew inspiration from one of my favourite Van Gogh’s pictures – Starry Night. The next prompt took me to ‘the middle’. I hope you will enjoy both!

Starry Night
Anyone’s dreams – roam
among the stars
as we see them –
at night.

Above lakes and territories
where turmoil and peace
take turns.
Over tragedies and petty worries
replacing the happy love
which burns.

High, clear, lucid, detached
from all that brings woe
to our hearts.

Yet also detached from all
that gives us reasons to go on
treading the soil
of mundaneness below.

So, get in the middle
That’s always the best.
Extremes bring too much of everything
When you’re between, you’re at rest.

Maybe they won’t see you
Perhaps they won’t respect
Whatever you stand for
and what you expect.

When you rest – it that for the best?

©2024, soulmary

Night, April Poetry

The Poetry month, my favourite, among so many others (my artistic heart is wide enough to make home for many more creative months) is underway, and so is my poetry. Here comes prompt No. 6 and it reminded me of the nights I spent during my university years, listening to the radio, reading books from my compulsory reading lists, smoking at my window and feeling alone…


Image: Psiheya
Image: Psiheya

April Poem-A-Day 06 – Night

When I dreamt of all I wanted –
mainly lying awake,
or smoking at the window.

Sadness painted my nails black
when I was deep down,
I thought I could see the night in them.

Inner overflowing painted my entire outfit black.

Nights of my college years,
I remember – soft,
lonely, and cold.
Filled with waking dreams
and futile wildness.

My nails, painted in shiny black
and a “friend” on my Facebook
remind me of those
young nights.

©2014, MK

Buenas Noches

Day 10, the prompt is use a foreign word/phrase. 

Image credit: Good Light Scraps


Buenas Noches, my love!

Let the stars make your bed

And lay you upon it

Caressing your hair

As you’re falling asleep

To my “Buenas noches”

Of magic and serenity deep.

© soulmary 2012

The Best Ever…

Here is a forgotten poem I wrote for November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge, Day 20, I think. The prompt was to write a “the best ever [blank]”


My best ever night
Was a dawning disorder
Of all wasted nights
I had spent in the corner
                        of dreams,
Dreamt by somebody else
While the excess of thrills
Was beginning to spill
Into my own
                       best ever night.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva