Starry Night and In the Middle – Days 14-15

Hi, this time I post two Days’ poems in one post, not just because I penned them late, but also because they somehow belong together. For the Day 14, I drew inspiration from one of my favourite Van Gogh’s pictures – Starry Night. The next prompt took me to ‘the middle’. I hope you will enjoy both!

Starry Night
Anyone’s dreams – roam
among the stars
as we see them –
at night.

Above lakes and territories
where turmoil and peace
take turns.
Over tragedies and petty worries
replacing the happy love
which burns.

High, clear, lucid, detached
from all that brings woe
to our hearts.

Yet also detached from all
that gives us reasons to go on
treading the soil
of mundaneness below.

So, get in the middle
That’s always the best.
Extremes bring too much of everything
When you’re between, you’re at rest.

Maybe they won’t see you
Perhaps they won’t respect
Whatever you stand for
and what you expect.

When you rest – it that for the best?

©2024, soulmary

Creation and Death

September Heights #15 – Creation


The stiff awareness

Of blinking and swallowing

Cherry tree in bloom 


Crescent moon weeping

Sad and mournful of the time

When stars will not shine


Night in the orchard

Bats whoosh to and fro in search

They hear the future

© soulmary

Milky Way, two approaches

September Heights #06 – Milky Way: Today I used two different approaches, as I can’t forget my once love of Sci-Fi and the dreams I used to have of spacetravel 🙂 

Stars staring downward
gliding off their ancient way
Night dance in whispers.

Dreams gaze up the skies
glide along the Milky Way
Space suits suit us fine. 

© 2012 Mariya Koleva