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Day 2: Darkest Hour Poem

Your darkest hour was
When you woke
Still absorbed in the cotton wool of illusion

When you banged against the thin needles
Decorating the otherwise ugly wall of disillusionment

Your soul was extracted from you with tongs
It hurt so much, you cried with no voice
The pain pushed you to the edge of an abyss
On the other side of which you’d see lava
And flames so white they froze you.

The tongs were cold, icy cold
And all inside you glued to them
When they were pulling at your soul
Extracting it.

So that you lost it
Tears felt out of place
The darkest hour – jumping the train to
The Happily-Ever-After dope.



poetry_01April is a month for poetry writing. Thirty poems in 30 days. At least, that is. I stick to Haiku Heights. They make the A-Z challenge, every day the prompt starting with another letter of the alphabet. In case you are wondering how they go about the several extra days that have no letters, here is their trick: every Sunday is an Open Day, so you may take a rest from ABC. I also follow Poetic Asides, where I first met the so-called PAD (short for Poem-A-Day) Challenge.

1. Haiku Heights #02 – Butterfly:

they wait, looking up

picking colours from sunshine

flutter fragile wings

2. Poetic Asides – Dark Poem:

Up the alley

I crawl


And dulled

To dumb sobriety

Yet drunk on

a monstrous lack of relation to


© 2013, Mariya Koleva


Wrong or Right? (Nov PAD 20)

It seems I have omitted to publish my poem here.

The prompt was to write a “what is wrong or right” poem:

What is right is never left.

But can a wrong be righted by a left-hand?

Who is fair is never dark.

But who is strong, is never wrong.