Day 18 – A Toy Poem

Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love them?
Who wouldn’t care
For a furry, fluffy, cutie bear?

All cuddly toys, your bunny most of all
Use up their fluff in blotting in the whole
Barrel of regrets, complaints, harsh secrets
And the rest of your growing up
To be what I am today
A middle-aged auntie who remained.


Out of curiosity, I searched my poems for my other Teddy-bear piece, for I remember writing one. It turns out it was written for November Poem-a-Day again, in 2013. Here it is, I hope you enjoy, and, well, it does have a different ring to it.

Cuddle your nightmare – NovPAD, Day 8

November Poem-A-Day Challenge, Day 08 – Inanimate Object Poem

Image by: ElenaDudina
Image by: ElenaDudina

Cuddle your cute teddy-bear
Never mind he’ll suck on your blood
Cuddling him, you feel not
how life flows away from you
and dreams come through –
they infiltrate,
soak in you,
keeping you breathing, but not really alive.

Cuddle your cute nightmare
to see your blood float out of your soul
Bodies matter not,
yet we cling madly to them.
All the death in the world
cannot take you,
if your time
has not chimed.

©2013, Mariya Koleva