Cuddle your nightmare – NovPAD, Day 8

November Poem-A-Day Challenge, Day 08 – Inanimate Object Poem

Image by: ElenaDudina
Image by: ElenaDudina

Cuddle your cute teddy-bear
Never mind he’ll suck on your blood
Cuddling him, you feel not
how life flows away from you
and dreams come through –
they infiltrate,
soak in you,
keeping you breathing, but not really alive.

Cuddle your cute nightmare
to see your blood float out of your soul
Bodies matter not,
yet we cling madly to them.
All the death in the world
cannot take you,
if your time
has not chimed.

©2013, Mariya Koleva

I feel suddenly… it’s Monday

Monday morning:
I feel suddenly alone
though the place is filled with faces.
Smiles, no sounds,
sleepy hairstyles and Monday manicure.

I am prone to feel alone
although the crowds go bursting past me,
and never stopping their march to
Friday loneliness
and weekend splendor.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva


Here are some casual pieces I have written while waiting for ballet lessons to end.

Is this my loneliness
Or your business
That keeps my face so wet?

So desperate in my expectation
I stay on
Simply breathing

It is easy –
No effort, no mind is required.
Pure physiology.

Purity can be terrifying
When turned to single aim.

Purity should be no purpose.

© 2013 soulmary

Loneliness and Apples

Here is Day 3 of the Haiku Heights delightful event: September Heights #03 – Loneliness

Loneliness as I
step before the apple tree
red fruit ripe and fall. 

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

No one wants to be alone, Nov PAD 11

a “No One Wants To…” poem:


Inside a beast’s heart
sleeps a kitten who has forgotten
how to purr;
Yet, no one wants to be alone.
На всеки звяр в сърцето
дреме коте, което е забравило
да мърка.
А никой не иска да бъде самотен.


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