Haiku Heights, 2013 September Heights #18

birds in fly - chirp
Image credit: horstdesign


Morning chill arises
Heavy with our sweet sleep
Birds sound full awake.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva

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What do you see?

This is a new beginning. The Brighter Light challenge began. Read about it in Ina and Andrea’s blog In Our Books. Click here for details.

Check the teams, they are terrific. We have a team from northern Iceland, Germany (though not Germans), Australia, and from Denmark, too.

So, a little bit late, here is our poem for the First Prompt. This is the first prompt 🙂

What do you see?

Prompt #1, What do you see?



“Rabbits!” Silvie shouts

“Birds,” I correct her.


“Oh, I like them.

Their beaks are large and


Like the snowman’s nose

Orange like a carrot.

Rabbits do crave carrots.

They will eat

The snowman’s nose.”


“So… the birds?”

I venture.

What do I know

Of birds and rabbits,

After all?

 © 2013, Yellow Ninja