A Moment – Day 5 of April PAD

A moment is a lick at a chocolate candy
where you get a blast of taste, a puff of smell, a sticky melt
in your hand, seeing the brown disgrace it, but
hearing nothing.
Or was it a smell of the brown and seeing the stickiness?
No matter which, you still hear nothing.

Or that isn’t so similar, after all, as a moment can be so much more.
How much more exactly can a moment be?
Blimey if I have the answer to that.

The brown stickiness of a moment
can fade with no memory of eternity.
So the candy will be eaten and all life will pass
as a string of licks until its wholeness is exhausted.

A string of green licks will end a poisonous crescendo
crowning the moment with a poem lasting longer
than the moment itself.

©2020, forestlove

For this poem, I used the prompt ‘Moment’ from Poetic Asides and a long list of instructions from the NaPoWriMo site called ‘Twenty Little Poetry Projects’. I didn’t use all the project prompts from there, but got enough to make poeming very entertaining. Check it out and try to follow the instructions to your own fantastic poem.

Flickering Lights

Almost at the end of the month, I am considering how time-consuming poeming, blog posting, and finally, sharing all that is. In the same time, I could write a whole story, be it short or long. Now I remember that I started a novella on February 8th and never reached beyond the 3,000-word introduction. I planned to get to the real thing one day soon, but soon passed and it is March now. I can’t see the time to write that, yet. Maybe that is my trouble and the main reason I stay with poetry chiefly: lack of time to write consistently. Poetry is much more fragmentary, you don’t need to remember where you left… There is much less responsibility involved in it. Let’s celebrate the last but one prompt of the 28 to Create project that brought me much joy this year.

28 to Create, Day 27 – Flickering Lights

Image: Winged Vampire Wolf at DeviantArt
Image: Winged Vampire Wolf at DeviantArt

Flickering lights from the swamps
where prisoners try to escape
their destinies.

Marshes are ripe with
firebugs hurrying
to and fro.

Instant pictures of
self-inflicted soul insomnias;
instant tea
filling mud mugs
with sugary heartbeats and
strained tomorrows

Flickering lights behind
our dead

©2014, soulmary

Featured image by: SuicideBySafetyPin at DA

Apple of my Eye

I know what it means, yet I couldn’t help slipping into my usual mood.
28 to Create, Day 20 – Apple of my eye

Image: shlomile
Image: shlomile

Apple of my eye
or a pear
no more illusions or expectations
I have no soft skills
and positively no hopes
Apple of my eye,
my precious, my only one
The one I need and crave to have
although it’s bitter as the analgin
I would take for each third headache.

Do I remember?

© 2014, soulmary

PS. Featured image: Kostas Panagakos at Deviant Art


Here I am again, honestly doing my second best in following the prompts. I don’t know if it’s because I’m slightly short of time, but Day 19’s poem turned out somewhat short. Honestly, I preferred it to be longer.
28 to Create, Day 19 – Honestly

Image by: 28 to Create
Image by: 28 to Create

Honestly, I prefer being dishonest
Sadly, I still need to learn how
Even with bitterness and sour taste
deep down
my throat, my soul, my heart
and mind
I don’t know how
or why.

© 2014, soulmary

Echo of Frank O’Hara

This is it – Echo poem on Mayakovsky by Frank O’Hara. I really like his poem and I can only hope mine did it justice.

28 to Create, Day 15 – Echo Day
Echo of Mayakovsky by Frank O’Hara

wilted forest
Image credit: Sylwia77 at DeviantArt

I have no senses
looking out of the window
smile on my lips. Oh, goodness,
why is it, I wonder.
If you would just stay out
and not meddle anymore
letting me forget your hands
soft on my breasts, so quiet now!

then I will go in, instead of
just sitting to stare.

I want to forget you,
forget you, but remember my thoughts
where cold crept
like a thief.

Ideas! Get off me,
like I am off you, get back,
have a drink, play cards,

so that I can try and cheat,
forgetting I am no liar
but the worst actress in
my universe.

I know how to sweep you
off my brow!
The window gets misty

and stained with permanent breath.
I try to kiss it away,
but only smear it more.
The fog of remembrance.

No wonder it’s misty
I cried my eyes out
which is stupid when you’re out of love!
so now the glass detergent is
mixed with salt,
nevertheless I wipe my kerchief
looking out at the stupidly smiling street.
All the cars and people rushing
in the sunshine when I only need sleep.

Then I stare hard at the swarming bugs down
waiting to see if you’re one of them
finally coming to let me go
and leave me be in my shelter.

Outside is colourful, with patches of
green and yellow, because of the flags
pulled on strings across the street
from building to building
to celebrate how I’m over you.

That should be a national holiday
only if the nation cared
for me. Should it? Would it? Why not?
Maybe that’s the answer.

© 2014, soulmary

Featured image by Heremod at DeviantArt


This year, I will again participate in the 28 to Create creative prompt series, edition 2014. A friend from Poetic Asides, whom I met on Tumblr and a friend of hers made that up. Last year, I managed to go till Day 12. Then I stopped. During the 12 days of creativity, I wrote some poems, short or flash stories and took a picture or two. This time I’ll stick to poetry pure. That’s what I’m best at.

Image credit: 28 to Create
Image credit: 28 to Create


Use next daybreak
to rid of all heartbreak
that broke us into farewell.

Let’s take a break
from all that ruined our nights
for months on end.

Shake off the thrills of lust and fear.
Let’s bristle, ready for new sunshine.

It’s daybreak once more.

©2014, soulmary


It’s a shame I don’t take part in Wordsmith Studio’s Creative Prompts more often. Here I come, though, this week. The prompt is Support.

WSS Creative Prompt: Support, 03.10.2013

Bridge Support
Image: WSS website

The wind was so high,
sand was getting everywhere,
Towels had to be pressed with shoes,
or bags
or our heavy bodies.

Our parasol was on the beach,
one of many –
red, and yellow sections.

We couldn’t raise our heads
as sand was everywhere.
The parasol just flew
slump over a couple lying nearby.

Children were screaming with excitement
or who knows what.

Who will ever know?
I needed you to hold that parasol,
to hold my hand,
to press my shoulder to the
sand-covered towel
and stop my bathing top
from following the parasol.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva

July Prompt List

Poems or flash fiction pieces that will fit in/on 14 lines or less. Post on your blog or in the comments.

poetry-promptsI decided to post the list of prompts, as I am not always able to write here and also share on FB. So, any party interested may simply copy the list and visit from time to time to share 🙂

July 1st: Theatre
July 2nd: Cinema
July 3rd: Opera
July 4th: Cabaret
July 5th: Dignity, Always Dignity
July 6th: Beach
July 7th: Swimming Pool
July 8th: By the River
July 9th: Mountain Lake
July 10th: Forest Fresh
July 11th: Morning Crisp
July 12th: Breathe
July 13th: Money
July 14th: Alley in the Park
July 15th: Branch of a Tree
July 16th: Tiny is Big
July 17th: More is too Much
July 18th: Resort
July 19th: Air-Conditioning
July 20th: Fried Eggs
July 21st: Fresh Salad
July 22nd: Rock Concert
July 23rd: Summer Nights
July 24th: Sizzling Hot
July 25th: Aqua Park
July 26th: Car Travel
July 27th: Travel Bags
July 28th: Comedy
July 29th: Relief
July 30th: Soda Drink
July 31st: Piano

Happy writing, all!

Friends with Words, Evasive Wordle

After a long, longish absence, I am happy to be back on the Poetic Bloomings site and on one of their prompts. This is a great and curious prompt. You know how a wordle works, right? Well, this, as I called it “Evasive Wordle” works almost the same way. Only, you have to replace the original words with synonyms or descriptions. Or, were descriptions allowed? Hm, not sure, but anyway, I used some.

Here is the wordpool:  challenge, common, mask, skill, origin, love, night, drink, beauty, death

Enjoy my Evasive Wordle, entitled

Gorgeous Sight on the Dance Stage 

The gorgeous sight on the dance stage

before my eyes

is a harsh ordeal

beyond my ability, yet

I have to overcome it

while wearing the dull disguise

of one seeking escape of life –

its boredom and affection.


My ability abandons me

from dusk till dawn.

I have to sit and sip in lonely gulps

what someone brings me,

of nature unknown,

just to see my leering mirror reflection

and remember the gorgeous sight on the dance stage.


© 2013, Mariya Koleva

What do you see?

This is a new beginning. The Brighter Light challenge began. Read about it in Ina and Andrea’s blog In Our Books. Click here for details.

Check the teams, they are terrific. We have a team from northern Iceland, Germany (though not Germans), Australia, and from Denmark, too.

So, a little bit late, here is our poem for the First Prompt. This is the first prompt 🙂

What do you see?

Prompt #1, What do you see?



“Rabbits!” Silvie shouts

“Birds,” I correct her.


“Oh, I like them.

Their beaks are large and


Like the snowman’s nose

Orange like a carrot.

Rabbits do crave carrots.

They will eat

The snowman’s nose.”


“So… the birds?”

I venture.

What do I know

Of birds and rabbits,

After all?

 © 2013, Yellow Ninja