“Life will find a way”

The Big Tent Poetry prompt for 7th March is SCIENCE:

  • Alien life might have been found in old meteors: “The implications are that life is everywhere, …”
  • The junky interior of the International Space Station: “Clutter adorns almost every surface and is held in place by duct tape, Velcro and metal clips …”
  • That Antarctic ice is created from below as well as above: “… the ghostly shapes of the Gamburtsevs and the giant freeze-on “beehive” structure … .”



Животът е навсякъде –

от падането на нощта

до безмълвието на дъгата,


все ни дебне в гръб,

за да подчертае, сякаш,


животът е навсякъде.


© 2011 Мария Колева


English-language version

Implications are

that life is everywhere –

be it in the night fall,

or the rainbow hush,

which will silently avoid our gaze

to highlight only

that life is everywhere,

just as implicated.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva

“He pressed her thigh


and Death smiled”

(Jim Morrison)

The Big Tent Poetry Wordle Prompt of 28th Feb. 2011




Waking, I gasped

Your boyish smile defied

My typical tangle of questions

Slipping down my thigh

Paraded flame


Phrases: “Say more,” “There is also the matter of ____” and “He started by _____.”


“There is also the matter of tangle,” he said.

I paraded a gasping smile.

“Say more,” I pressed his thigh,

“For your boyish questions

wake all flame.”

He started by putting on his slippers,

slipping out of the room,

in cold defy of me.

How typical!