Summer Nights

Every summer rock concerts takes place during a summer night. Or, if you follow the band, that may occupy many summer nights. There are also many other exciting things to do at that time. A lot of stories and sweet dreams are created from the combination of summer nights and good time. Maybe you will walk on the beach, or around the moon-lit lake. Maybe you will be sipping a cocktail near the pool, or on board a yacht. Any way it is happening, summer nights are born pregnant with lush memories.

jom23-summerThe July, Oh my! prompt for July 23rd is Summer Nights. Here is what I created.

Summer nights and July morning
A leather jacket taken from my back.
‘Twas hot, believe it or not
Too hot for leather jackets
Too slow time marches
to remind me now of
Summer nights to fill
the air with kisses
The grass is black and
But it’s summer,
believe it or not.

©2013, soul mary