Recently, I was thinking of General Custer’s last stand. Then I read the historical facts again and found my own memory of the case was far exaggerated. I was a bit disappointed the real story was not that impressive as the one in my head, and very disappointed that I had remembered nearly all wrong. The process notes to the poem that follows would state that, being non-native, I am rather free to make random associations with words and expressions. And yeah, this ‘grass’ thing is correct. It means ‘No way to reach the grass’ and ‘No way grass would grow’. (I mean on the battlefield, for a certain time.) I changed this word three times. First, it was ‘go’, then ‘pass’ and then … well, ‘grass’. 

jom18-resortJuly, Oh my! continues in this 18th Day of July with the prompt: Resort. Here is the logic. ‘I’d use that as a last resort.’ That always has the same association for me. Read on.

When I think of resort
It’s Custer’s last stand I see
No way to grass.

©2013, soulmary