Old books

The picture prompt of Magpie Tales, #66

Old Books

Breathing in
the odour of old books,
sometimes sneezing
because of the dust;
yet never releasing
the book
until all is gulped down.

And breathing in
and dreaming of
and weeping over
all wonders
that meet me there.

That odour will soon
be a thing of the past
just like the old books
covered with dust…

How long will the past last?

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

14 replies on “Old books”

  1. Ava says:

    Lovely depiction. It is a lot like reality. thank you for sharing. My magpie: http://verseinanutshell.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/open-book/

  2. brian says:

    i love the smell of old books…if they could bottle it, i would buy it and wear it if nothing else than to give me a smile…

  3. helen says:

    Luckily for us, the past is forever.

  4. Reflections says:

    I’d like to think this technology of ebooks is a passing phase, lasting along side the tride and true. But somehow… I think it is yet to be determined.

    • Reflections – I honestly prefer e-books because they are dust-free and you are never short in space 🙂 Yet, normal books have charms that go beyond small discomforts, too. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I love the smell of dusty libraries brings me such peace =) Beautiful!

  6. Sue J says:

    I do hope that old books will not be a thing of the past. Nice Magpie.

  7. Lovely and poignant!

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