Chrysanthemum Festival With Geese

**Carpe Diem #306 – Chrysanthemum Festival**

Disheveled head up
Winking in autumn humour
Eyes and hearts at feast.

Image by: sampok
Image by: sampok

**Carpe Diem #307 – Goose**

Flocks straying away
To the far wilderness
Waving high goodbye.

©2013 Mariya Koleva

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

2 thoughts on “Chrysanthemum Festival With Geese”

  1. Nice haiku you share here Mariya. I am so glad to see that you like Carpe Diem. I am aware of the time it takes. And I understand that time is costly, so don’t mind if you don’t have enough time … Carpe Diem must be a joy and not a burden. And of course it’s not an obligation but just a joy. If you don’t have time … don’t be sad … visit us when you’ve time …

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