How Much is Love?

Write a poem that talks back to a dead poet. That is the prompt Daniel Ari suggested for Day 8 of the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook project. The first poet who came to my mind was Edgar Allan Poe, of course. Why of course? I’m not sure. Maybe because he is one of my most favorite poets, maybe because he was Capricorn, or because he was prone to depression and despair… just like me. Hopefully, I’m not to meet such an awful end as him. I can only hope that, because some 18 months ago a translator and poet acquaintance of mine met just that same kind of end. The gruesome thing is that I translated some of her poetry in English and one of the poems started just like a description of the place she was found. I think of that all to often. … Uhm, let’s go to the poem, though.

Image credit: The Edgar Allan Poe Society in Baltimore website

“We loved with a love that was more than love” – Edgar Allan Poe


How would one know the quantity and quality of love?

Where do we find a definition

Proportioning and specifying what is much,

What – many more,

Or less, and bigger?


Can we measure love

By the life we live with it?

Why we suffer love when life is lost?

Can love be single,

And still matter


© soulmary

— For the full poem Annabel Lee by E.A. Poe click here

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  1. Wow: “Can love be single, / and still matter / more? Perfectly done, Mariya. This is just wonderful.

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