Addict poem – NovPAD, Day 6

The previous three days I was away and I scratched my poems in a notebook, so I still need to type them in here. That will be later. Now, let’s move to the latest scream and read…

The prompt for Day 6 is to write an addict poem.


this sun above will always shine
and we will be forever glued
to gaze at its beginnings
and its endings,
without a thought to miss
just one or two
as I’m addicted hopelessly to you.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Shadorma, Nov PAD 23

a “form” poem: mine is shadorma. For the rules of shadorma, look here.


keys you find

the keyhole does not

hold your breath;

be there

and watch the perfect magic

of sunset dreaming.