It’s a shame I don’t take part in Wordsmith Studio’s Creative Prompts more often. Here I come, though, this week. The prompt is Support.

WSS Creative Prompt: Support, 03.10.2013

Bridge Support
Image: WSS website

The wind was so high,
sand was getting everywhere,
Towels had to be pressed with shoes,
or bags
or our heavy bodies.

Our parasol was on the beach,
one of many –
red, and yellow sections.

We couldn’t raise our heads
as sand was everywhere.
The parasol just flew
slump over a couple lying nearby.

Children were screaming with excitement
or who knows what.

Who will ever know?
I needed you to hold that parasol,
to hold my hand,
to press my shoulder to the
sand-covered towel
and stop my bathing top
from following the parasol.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva

The Fierce Train South

sundaywhirl123Sunday Whirl #123

The fierce train south
swept us in disgust
We never knew
what was to happen next.

The bitter springs
will do for nothing:
just cluttered filters
never managing to keep
those pieces out.

Enough with cries
to be let out,
Just as we were
in the middle of our romance.

© 2013, soul mary

I saw it in the mirror…


I saw it in the mirror
I saw it in my face.
And then embraced oblivion
My heart, it stopped its race.

So many fallen years
Of chasing ghosts around
Just bringing wells of tears
And fingers clawing ground.

Believe the loss of laughter
So cutting to my heart;
The edge of brilliant carver
Slicing souls apart.

Then, ripped out of the sphere
In cold and decent grace,
I saw it in the mirror,
I saw it in my face.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Prompted by Carry On Tuesday.

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