This is a poem for the Poetic United, of 22.03.2017, the prompt is Mirror

Shiny surface, never changing
With no image of its own,
With no value, but the one
That the looker brings in front.

Darkening surface, during nightfall
Casts no shadow of its own,
Has no depth, but the one
Carried in the soul in front.

Glowing surface, all ablaze
With no glamour of its own,
Holds no valour, but the one
Reflected from the knight in front.

©2017, soulmary

I saw it in the mirror…


I saw it in the mirror
I saw it in my face.
And then embraced oblivion
My heart, it stopped its race.

So many fallen years
Of chasing ghosts around
Just bringing wells of tears
And fingers clawing ground.

Believe the loss of laughter
So cutting to my heart;
The edge of brilliant carver
Slicing souls apart.

Then, ripped out of the sphere
In cold and decent grace,
I saw it in the mirror,
I saw it in my face.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Prompted by Carry On Tuesday.

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