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28 to Create, Day 5 – Hunted
The shortest month, February, the coldest one, as well, rolls on in frost and bleakness. Here is my fifth contribution to the 28 to Create project: the prompt today is ‘Hunted’.

Image: canis albus

Image: Canis Albus

Hunger steps where I step
following me all too close
I can smell its rotten breath
taken every other minute.

Hunger waits for me to slump
on the mountain path,
from any help around
so it would feed on me.

I cannot run
away or any faster
I have no power to escape
a skillful hunter in his very realm.

© 2014, soulmary

Image by: Canis Albus at DeviantArt


April #09

tigress 21.03.2013.asleep

Haiku Heights – Hunter

Bring about future
Arrows and a bow in hand
Tears streak down his face.

© 2013, Mariya Koleva