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Here are some casual pieces I have written while waiting for ballet lessons to end.

Is this my loneliness
Or your business
That keeps my face so wet?

So desperate in my expectation
I stay on
Simply breathing

It is easy –
No effort, no mind is required.
Pure physiology.

Purity can be terrifying
When turned to single aim.

Purity should be no purpose.

© 2013 soulmary


Uhm, it’s natural, of course. You need to do it to survive. In every sense of the word. Today, I’m taking more time and applying more diligence into posting and sharing, so that more creative friends may take part in the fun, should they feel like it.

jom-12-breatheI will do my best to post every evening the prompt and my poem to it, so that you can have time to write and post, in your turn. The prompt for July 12th is Breathe.

An unsurpassable mountain
Stands in the way of my sight.
Vision trapped by matter,
Or solely limited in time?

©2013, Soul Mary

Breathe, haiku heights

Haiku Heights #58 Breathe

In and out is all

we ever do for certain.

In and out is life.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva