Like an Ocean

28 to Create, Day 24 – Like an Ocean

Like an ocean
spilling itself all over my fragile frame
not remembering,
nor bothering to do so.

Just pouring out all over
the past, the essence and the
that will go out in dimness,
when desire is dead,
instead of going out
in roaring flame
of falsified
stumbling in the asphalt road.

Like an ocean –
smooth and mellow,
blinding me with its salt
bellowing at my deafness,
catching my eagerness to take a rest
and tormenting it as fake
or irrelevant.

Like an ocean –
bury me in your abyss,
away from people’s eyes
and memories;
Deafen their yells
of gossiping sympathy,
of curiosity ill-fitted.

I want to sleep
and let go.
The water glides
along my cold silky fingers
Let go
of me,
my cool ocean.

© 2014, soulmary

Featured image: ranarh at DA

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader