It is all true, almost. I used to have several regular pen pals and enjoyed writing letters to them. I also got many letters from them and I collected all. From time to time I would take out a pile from a correspondent and re-read all. Amazing.

Believe me, emails have nothing to do with that. Luckily, it wasn’t emails that changed all that. I believe, age has its own way of working on people and their letter writing routines. Well, emails helped a lot, too.

I want to thank all my great pen pals that brought so many smiles and tears to my eyes through the years.

28 to Create, Day 08 – Letters

That box under the bed
where spiders don’t go
and monsters prefer not to dwell in
used to hold my letters

I used to read
and re-read them
re-live all, even shed
tears at the same places

The new tear stains looked
weirdly identical

Have I not changed?
All that distance I have covered,
the mileage I easily check on
each birthday cake
– does it mean nothing?

Something always
some things
remain to remind
or tease,
or maybe embitter.

© 2014, soulmary

2 replies on “Letters”

  1. Linda E.H. says:

    It is true. As we age we perhaps write fewer letters (or send fewer emails). We also grow and change from all the experiences/challenges we have. But deep down one thing often remains the same–our heart.

    I like this poem very much. I can relate to it. I had many pen pals when I was younger. I loved writing and receiving letters from them as well as friends at camp, far away relatives, etc. Unfortunately, due to several moves, I don’t have those letters any more, but when I think back about those times I can still smile or frown or cry.

    Good work, Mariya.

    • soul mary says:

      Thanks, Linda. These are very dear memories. I lost a big part, too, while moving… Well, I guess that is also part of growing up

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