I Know

Earlier today I took time to read through what I’ve managed to create last February and was actually impressed. Some of the pieces were rather nice, irrespective of the fact that my memory over that month said just the opposite. You may check the Blogger blog created on the event and see action unrolling there, too. Click to read introductions of the people who participate, for example. I know, too much clicking and blogreading is no good at the end, for all that is just another method of procrastination. That’s why I prefer to stick to their Tumblr profile.

Day 2 prompt is I Know, and I know that poetry is my thing. So, here it is.

Image by: Cherished Memories on DeviantArt
Image by: Cherished Memories on DeviantArt

I know that knowing less
invigorates me,
lending me a driving force
to wade through mystery,
unlock the window
where blinds’d been fixed
I know not how.

I know that being blind and deaf
to memories
can give me peace.

Not knowing all can save
or bury me.

©2014, soulmary

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

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