Isolation, as prompted by Robert at Poetic Asides

A little bit late, yet here it is – a poem of Isolation, as prompted by Robert at Poetic Asides at the regular Wednesday prompt this week:


And, then, again,

In perfect isolation

I go from guessing to believing

That faking is not killing.

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

6 thoughts on “Isolation, as prompted by Robert at Poetic Asides”

  1. Ah, faking is NOT killing, except of expectations, I suppose. There are far worse, more effective ways to kill.

    I miss hearing your voice, so glad you stopped by, Mariya. I’ve been doing Three Word Weds. and ABC Wednesday lately, to build my blog traffic, which is why I’ve not been on PA lately.

    Peace, Amy

  2. In a short poem like this, there is more pressure on every syllable, and I like how the rhythm picks up toward the end! It’s like a little crescendo. Nice!

  3. Adi – you are so nice! How do you come up with such words, I wonder?
    I always want to say encouraging things about other people’s poems that I like, without being general, yet… I can’t seem to know how to get into specifics.
    Thank you, again!

  4. This is really an interesting question. I’ve taken three poetry workshops in the past 2 years, and I have to tell you that commenting on other people’s poems was harder than writing my own poems! It IS hard to say something meaningful that isn’t a generalization or a cliche! My remedy is to read the poem several times until I can identify at least one specific image/word/poetic device/THING that I like and that I can explain WHY I like it. Of course it doesn’t always work 🙂

    The other “trick” of mine is to think about someone else’s poem in terms of how *I* would have written the same poem, and talk about that. It works both in terms of encouragement for things I like and suggestions for revision.

  5. Adi – good practical advice. I’ll try it.
    Uhm, I think, sometimes I am worried that perhaps I will have misunderstood the author and my comment might come as an insulting ignorance instead of encouragement.
    But, maybe, I worry too much and too unnecessarily. Any idea about that? A workshop or conference will do me good, I believe, yet here I won’t attend such an event.

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