Gathering to Let Go

Two for Tuesday again at the Poetic Asides November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge 🙂
1. Gathering, or
2. Letting go

Why not “Gathering to Let Go”? My theme continued, here is my offering:

Gathering to blur. Let go!

Image credit: Rebecca Barray


Clouds gathering above my head

Just as they do in cartoon films

Pouring rain then

Showering me off my musing


I guess that gathering

Just helps me

Let you go


We have to

Let go

To be allowed to

Come back.

 © 2012 soulmary

10 replies on “Gathering to Let Go”

  1. Beautiful words, Mariya. I love your poetry.

  2. Very nice poem. That last stanza sits nicely with me.
    (And Becca, love the photo, too!)

  3. “gathering just helps me let you go” Lovely image…

  4. Linda, thank you very much. That last stanza came to my mind very suddenly, to be honest 🙂 My original idea was different, but obviously this was better since I forgot the original one.

    Pearl, your words mean a lot to me. You are such a gifted poet, so naturally I look up to your opinion. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Richard says:

    Wow…the “let go / come back” combination is beautiful, Mariya.

  6. Lovely, Mariya. Very Zen. I also love your comment – not your original idea. One of the reasons I love to read and write poetry; the poem often surprises.

  7. Claudsy says:

    Nice one, Mariya. Juxtaposition works well as you use it. The words feel like water. I realy like it.

  8. Yes, Sarah, exactly so – one of the reasons I love writing. You never know where your muse will take you, or what she will write by your hands 🙂

    Claudsy, thank you so much. Feeling my words is one of the best effects they could have on my readers 🙂

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