Sadness Slipping Off Like Sand

Carpe Diem #55 – Sadness

Image credit: Luminous Landscapes



Slipping through my fingers

Like sand

© 2012 soulmary

8 replies on “Sadness Slipping Off Like Sand”

  1. Welcome back Mariya, missed you. What an awesome spiritually touched haiku on sadness. Very well done. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kristjaan, thanks a lot for a warm welcome 🙂 I know this haiku is not by the rules, but I couldn’t “make” myself mend it 🙂

  3. yes sadness does that…

  4. Sopphey says:

    I think I maybe be reading too much into this little grain, but it’s incredibly sad.

  5. moondustwriter, thanks a lot for your comment! Yes, sometimes sadness is simply too much to hold within…

    Sopphey, thank you for reading that much. I believe it is sad, and I am glad this little grain conveyed that much.

    After all, a poem on Sadness is supposed to be sad, isn’t it?


  6. Bjorn says:

    Wonderful thought. If just sadness slipped away, in my experience, it just grows inside.

  7. Bjorn, you are so right 🙂 It would be nice if it slipped away. Thank you for the visit!

  8. Claudsy says:

    Mariya, this seems to be an apt poem to express that sensation of leaving sadness behind and moving on to a less confining emotion. But then, like Sopphey, I might be reading too much into it. I liked it, though.

    Good job.

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