Finding – Nov PAD, Day 4

November Poem-A-Day Challenge, Day 4 – a poem about finding something unexpected:


I roamed in darkness desolate
And thinking tones of heavy thoughts.
I closed my eyes and there it was –
a coin shimmered down the gorge.

I blinked to see adventure there
My eyes no longer shut
And not a coin, but despair
was streaming down my path.


Going up, then climbing down,
Jumping, and then ducking
Hopping, and then kneeling
I bumped into a level out.


To find something unexpected and then lose it
will leave you wondering if
it was ever there.


If the finder’s a keeper
will that then mean
the foundling’s yours?


If expectation forms possession,
its lack may form some distance.
And, finding something unexpected,
discovering your distance
from your real possession.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader