Upside Down

Wednesday at Poetic Asides, Prompt #275 – Upside Down Poem

Image: dead-end18
Image: dead-end18

I need to write an upside-down poem –
the moment I spotted the prompt, I rushed
towards it,
as I still remember how very often
I felt like that,
I remembered how strongly I related
to the cliche,
to the awkwardness,
to the confusion.

I rushed to open a new word doc
to simply see:

my life has stopped its topsy-turvy
it’s lost its gullible
and musing edge
that used to threaten
to kick me off my balance
and leave me stranded,
upside down
on a barren, unfamiliar piece
of soul-land.

I realised my life
has calmed, has settled down,
has gained its weight
and lost its unsteadiness
that once made me
on egde,
afraid of the dark,
and adventurously

No upside-down poem
from me
this time around.

©2014, MK