Day 5 – A Private Matter

About that,
Be careful.
I know one shady thing you won’t get away with.
I’m sorry, girl, at least it’s not deadly.

I know it’s not fair. To you now it must seem
Especially nasty
When you see how many people get off the hook.
But being older and wiser,
I’ll tell you what I read in Ecclesiastes:
That “time and chance rule over all”

The time will be ugly and chance will be against you.
Keep all of this private. You will.
Although it’s a free world, and humanity has progressed,
The time for being open hasn’t come
Not even in my time, let alone in yours.

Remember, I love you.

We’re Being Watched

November PAD, Day 6 – We’re Being Watched

We’re being watched!
The inevitable worry of any first kiss
No matter how dark the night,
No matter how empty the alley

Just someone might see
And recognise
Then remember
And point at me
In the crowd.
© 2015, MK

Secret Space

Theme Thursday said Space; Writer’s Island said Secret. I combined.


A secret lies in outer space

concealing teasers to replace

the double-edged truth we seek

so we may bore ourselves to death in just a week.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva