Seasons after Writer’s Island:


Spring was late
As was summer last year
Or, did it happen at all?

Wind and rain is all I remember
Life itself seemed to postpone
its glamour and quiet,
its peace and caresses
Until all we know
is snowfall.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Nearly uniforms

This week, I decided to combine a few of the prompts.


Those hollow eyes

Are nearly there

Such vast horizons

Unlimited by uniforms.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva


** Sunday Scribblings – nearly; One Single Impression – hollow; Writer’s Island – unlimited; Poets United – uniforms.

Secret Space

Theme Thursday said Space; Writer’s Island said Secret. I combined.


A secret lies in outer space

concealing teasers to replace

the double-edged truth we seek

so we may bore ourselves to death in just a week.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Improvise, a light piece

Writer’s Island – Improvise


As of old we knew so well –

Keep to rule, oath and spell!

Then, the modern times arrived

bringing havoc all about,

throwing order all alight.


Coming home, it would be hard

If the place was torn apart,

improvised and fragment-like,

jolly new and merry art.

Going out, it would be boring

If around was sameness, storing

brightness here, there pain –

all in neat arrangement lain.


Well, so… balance hard to reach,

spend your days down on the beach,

throwing pebbles in the water,

improvising time and splatter.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Foretell, after Writer’s Island

The topic given by the Writer’s Island, is Foretell. A light piece, this one:

I’m utterly happy I cannot foretell

any plausible futures

using palpable spells.

I’m frightfully glad for not telling a tale

of simple tomorrows

or complex farewells.

I’m distinctly thrilled I can’t cast a shadow

over clouds, bluish stars

and invisible meadows.