Para/Normal poem – Nov PAD, Day 8

NovPAD Day 8 has Two for Tuesday: 1. paranormal poem and 2. normal poem. The following poem is one type, though I’m not exactly sure which.


The chill outside
oozes imperceptibly
through window glass,
transcends my view;
I hear it in the cellar
where it whispers
sotto voce;
I sense it in my
get numb with hunger
and with frost
beyond myself.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

BOOK REVIEW: Fated by Carolyn McCray


Fated by Carolyn McCray


The book is full of suspense. It does not let go till nearly the very end. The plot is tense and closely-knit. The political intrigue is very powerful. That, as well as the main characters’ inner moral struggles, was what attracted me most in the book.

As for paranormal, it came as a bit of surprise to me. The romance, on the other hand, was there all the time. The ending, however, was somewhat of a disappointment to me. The tension resolved very elegantly and conveniently, perhaps, too conveniently. I found out that, for myself, at least, romance between life-long partners is not very appealing and “romantic”. Maybe, I identify romance as an extraordinary, out-of-the-everyday experience, combined with secrecy, suspence, certain discomforts and hardships, and definitely – no security. Partners of the type “for better, for worse” are not very romantic. It is more like having a brother – whatever happens, he will be your brother. So, why read on!

That is an important note I took considering my own writing.

Apart from my disappointment in the romance issue, Ms McCray’s style and writing are brilliant, as usual. She is an extremely interesting author to read.