NaNoWriMo 2010 Statistics

Believe it, or not – not a lot of people won at NaNoWriMo. And I thought, if I had, most likely so had anybody else participating… Anyway, here is the statistics:

Copied from the official NaNoWriMo site

For NaNoWriMo main:

  • 200,530 participants, up 20% from 2009’s total of 167,150.
  • We wrote a total of 2,872,682,109 words up 18% from 2009’s collective word count of 2,427,190,537.
  • This averaged out to 13,960 words per person.
  • We had 37,479 winners, up 16% from 2009’s total of 32,173.
  • This gave us an 18.6% win rate!

For NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers Program:

  • 45,000 participants, up 29% from 2009’s total of 35,000.
  • We wrote a total of 262,303,074 words up 58% from 2009’s collective word count of 166,218,038.
  • This averaged out to 5,578 words per person.
  • We had 11,000 winners, up 58% from 2009’s total of 6,941.
  • This gave us an 24% win rate

And here is a list of the published NaNoWriMo authors: click to go to the official site.

Poems by Orange, NaNoWriMo 2010

Here are some poems Orange wrote during her life of main character in my new novel “Orange Lemonpie of the First-Year Stars” which I wrote during NaNoWriMo this passing month of November. I still have some work on it, yet the frenzy is over.

Chapter VI

You see that carpet on the ground,

Which makes that cheerful sound?

Leaves fall and autumn turns them bright,

Each one – a feast for our sight.

Beneath each tree there is a quilt

Patch-work – it’s patterned beautif’lly.

Let’s go and see – it gives me thrills

To lie and dream in reverie.(*)

(*) – I edited that last line, as Orange herself did not like it. 😉


Chapter XX

Your eyes sweep me off

To the autumn forest

Where I fall asleep.

And your lips

Remind me of the

Autumn leaves

Which fly by

As days of wonder shuffle

Beyond my reason.


I have a vague feeling that the numbering is wrong… However, the novel is to be edited and perhaps translated.

NaNoWriMo Week 1

The total shows 14202 words in all.

That’s what I’m very happy about. What worries me is that my plot is not going well. My characters are supposed to ACT, but all they do is TALK. They tarry too much and never seem to be ready for action. So far I have covered one week of their life and maybe until now I had to reach at least one third of my planned time-span for the whole novel.

The other worry I have is that even though I tend to write much better in English, than I do in Bulgarian, somehow this time English evades me. Witty lines come to me in Bulgarian and I have trouble fitting them in the English text. Translating would be absurd right now, as all have to fret about is growing the wordcount.

Anyway, I learn a lot as I go. Even before starting I learned how important it was to invent your set of characters and to sketch some of the plot ahead.

as to the result, we’ll see.

Week One is a total success!