Emperor is Daddy

My good haiku friend, Kristjaan has been very persistent since last October when he first started the Carpe Diem meme. And I must say, I’m really glad he is doing it so well. I love to see so many poets sharing haiku on his prompts! After somewhat longish absence, here I come again. Oh, and by the way, he is holding a charming theme month, Tarot – especially dear to me, as I used to be so enthusiastic about Tarot in my late teenage. I still have the deck and the deciphering book, of course. Only, my hubby doesn’t encourage me to open either 😀 and I believe he is very right about insisting on that.

tarot_cards special logo Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem #189 – The Emperor (IV)

of one so lovely
and fearsome you remind me
my heart is with you.

© 2013, soul mary