Day 26 – An Ambitious Poem

Your Ambition

One of the most shocking things
I see when I look back to you
Is the shift I made ambition-wise

You’re hearing it all day long –
You’re ambitious, all too much at that.
Friends and opponents are equally
Silenced when they meet your cold

Then, I called it arrogance
The world around didn’t yield
To your ambition.
It shut itself, resources dried
Before they were even tapped.

Naked arrogance with bare womb
An empty can that rattles its noisiest.

You won’t believe when you read this
Years from now, all ambition will have gone
Or transformed in mellowness
All you laughed at – family, charity, generosity of heart
Will drown you and choke you to tears.

The strangest evolution of ambition
I’ve seen.

Someone recently told me I have no ambition at all.
I am still thinking whether to be insulted by that
Whether that is true, and what to make of it.

Reading back, I see this is a longish
And confusing letter.
You may just ignore it, love.

Ambition and Despair

The month of February is nearly over. It was very fast, indeed, though much happened in it. Now that I look back, I see that I’m very pleased with how things went. All with celebrations, sick leaves, working schedules and creativity went fine, more than simply OK. Day 25 was Tuesday, so the prompt was of the #TwoForTuesday type. Here is one of the last poems I’ve written for the 28 to Create project: Day 25 – Ambition and Despair

ambition and despair
Image: 28 to Create blog

Striving upwards
to skies curtained
with hesitation,
embroidered in clouds
so pink
they are disgusting.

I am sick
of desire to be perfect.
I am petrified by
the chance to
end up in the gutter.

That chance is grand.
Despair is stalking me
as I am staring at it –
sick and tired of reality,
striving upwards.

Can I escape dark lands
and the mire of desolation,
to roam off distant shores?

Yeah, sure.
Go ahead.

©2014, soulmary