So little said, so much to hear!

Carry On Tuesday inspired by:

So little done, so much to do.
And never time to do
it all through.
And never time to stop and just gaze
in wonder, in fear,
or simply amazed.

So little said, so much to hear.
Maybe too much, too close
and maybe too clear.

Sweet words and sweet moments
wasted in wait
for the time yet to come,
which is always too late.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

14 replies on “So little said, so much to hear!”

  1. Laurie Kolp says:

    Mariya~ Beautiful!

  2. andy sewina says:

    Yeah, too true!

  3. Catie Eliza says:

    Brilliant! Love this. :] xx

  4. brian says:

    some really fun word play in this..and the right time never seems to come….

  5. janice kelly says:

    dear mariya

    you allow your heart and intellect to dance together and delve into the most poignant and profound realizations we need to ponder…”for the time yet to come, which is always too late”…bravo…i feel your poem reaching out into the fleeting moments desperately trying to grab hold, if even a handful of minutes, minutes that you can grasp for a lifetime and cherish them over and over again…time standing still just long enough to get a good look at it, and experience it to the fullest…waiting for sweet words…i have found them in your poem…wonderful rhyming…heartfelt writing…


  6. becca givens says:

    Nicely written!!

  7. Whitesnake says:

    Another simple piece that excels

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