Slowly Coming Back

Hello friends and Merry Christmas!

I have been away from this blog for such a long time, that I felt shy coming back. I thought I didn’t own the place anymore. I was worried I won’t be able to clean all the weeds from this garden. But, the place is still mine, albeit somewhat untidy and dispopulated, so I made a few changes, picked up a new theme, and started writing poetry again.

Part of my reason for staying away lies in the theme I’d chosen – magazine look. I wanted to be attractive, and that always means more visual, more pictures. No one wants to read walls of text. Everyone goes for the picture. Well, that made it too hard for me. I had to find an appropriate pic, credit it, format it to fit the post, the page, etc. I’m not a picture person. I’m a word person. That’s it.

So, I came back to text and simplicity. Even when I put pics, no one reads my texts. People stare at the pic, that’s all.

Then, there was the hardware problem. My faithful and beautiful laptop obviously became too unfit for the technical demands of all the running apps. I had to wait for 5 or more minutes for a single page to load. And, all of you know how demoralising that is when you have just half an hour to spend for finding your prompt, writing your poem, posting it on your blog and sharing the link to the prompt site. Huh? What a bunchful of 5 minutes that would be!

So, finally, I can boast a newer machine, where pages load faster 😉

Now we will see what I will write and how often, right?

Merry Christmas, dear friends, and may the season bring you joy and fulfilment!

Yours truly, 

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader