July Prompt List

Poems or flash fiction pieces that will fit in/on 14 lines or less. Post on your blog or in the comments.

poetry-promptsI decided to post the list of prompts, as I am not always able to write here and also share on FB. So, any party interested may simply copy the list and visit from time to time to share 🙂

July 1st: Theatre
July 2nd: Cinema
July 3rd: Opera
July 4th: Cabaret
July 5th: Dignity, Always Dignity
July 6th: Beach
July 7th: Swimming Pool
July 8th: By the River
July 9th: Mountain Lake
July 10th: Forest Fresh
July 11th: Morning Crisp
July 12th: Breathe
July 13th: Money
July 14th: Alley in the Park
July 15th: Branch of a Tree
July 16th: Tiny is Big
July 17th: More is too Much
July 18th: Resort
July 19th: Air-Conditioning
July 20th: Fried Eggs
July 21st: Fresh Salad
July 22nd: Rock Concert
July 23rd: Summer Nights
July 24th: Sizzling Hot
July 25th: Aqua Park
July 26th: Car Travel
July 27th: Travel Bags
July 28th: Comedy
July 29th: Relief
July 30th: Soda Drink
July 31st: Piano

Happy writing, all!

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader