Mountain Lake

We’ve been by the river, in the swimming pool and at the beach already. Today, we go somewhere else. A place I really enjoy and always look forward to visiting. Uhm, about this prompt challenge – I am doing it and every day I come up with some new piece of something. Although it was I who invented the prompts, that didn’t exactly make things easier, or in any way different from other prompt cases. When I was making the prompt, I wasn’t thinking of anything I could write to them, I was simply enjoying myself. Hopefully, all my readers do enjoy, too.

mountain-lake-jom-09July 9th came with the prompt of Mountain Lake. Read on to see what I did with that phrase.

Crispy ripples settling down
Like the mist surrounding me.
Corners of the forest path
Noisily exhale their expectation
Quietly inhale their hopes,
And morning air
Breathes around
The gust of storms
Over the winding road
Up against the sky
And there –
at my mountain lake.

©2013, soulmary

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

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