Harvest Moon

There are process notes with this one.

– While on lunch break, I couldn’t come up with a haiku. The first poem is the one I wrote. Later, when I came home and sat down to post, I decided to edit my original poem a bit, but hated to lose any of the images I had, so I turned it into two haiku. Maybe not the best result, but I believe it is good enough.


Image credit: Hartmut Lerch

Carpe Diem #301 – Harvest Moon

Blowing the winds of reality
autumn reminds of itself –
paradise of yellowness.
Come closer and feed your vision.

Blowing the winds of
reality, autumn is
so full of itself.

Paradise of moon,
yellowness will come closer
Feeding your vision

© 2013 Mariya Koleva

2 replies on “Harvest Moon”

  1. Kristjaan says:

    Nicely done Mariya… the re-done version is a gem.

  2. It’s interesting to document the process.. your last one is perfect

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