Courgette with Buckwheat – My Latest Favourite Meal

Today is time for #FridayFitness and I decided to tell you about my latest favourite meal.
I’ve seen the buckwheat packs often enough and known it’s some sort of healthy thing, but I’d never tried to find a way to consume that. When I gave birth to my baby, my mother-in-law gave me a pack of buckwheat flour telling me it’s super healthy and what not. I don’t see that pack now, so I must have disposed of it.

Finally, I thought I’d buy a small pack and then start looking for recipes. I bought the seeds, and not flour as I decided that would give me more varied options for cooking. Once home, I discovered a lot of easy-to-make recipes and thought how stupidly stubborn I’d been never to try this before. After cooking my first buckwheat meal, I went so far as to consider a mono diet for 3 days in which I’d consume just that with a little diluted low-fat yoghurt.

Today, I present to you… Courgette with Buckwheat

What You Need:

courgette – 3-4 pcs
carrots – 2 pcs
bell pepper – 1 red one
onions – 1 bunch of green ones, but I used half an old one
garlic – 1-2 blades of green one, but I didn’t use any
buckwheat – 1 teacup
dill – as much as you feel right, I used a teaspoonful
oil – I used olive oil
You may add salt in case you need it, of course. I don’t.

How to Make It:
Rinse the courgettes and cut them in cubes. Heat up a little oil and add 1 teacup of water. Add the onions and garlic in small pieces and stew them until they are soft. Then add the courgette, carrots and bell pepper. Add the buckwheat, 1 teacup of water and boil until ready. That means about 15 minutes after the water boils up. It’s not a long wait, all in all.

If you wish, you may transfer the mixture in a baking plate and put it in the oven for some time. I didn’t. In cooking, I prefer simple. And I didn’t understand if you move the mixture before or after you cook it in the pot.

Serving suggestion: Sprinkle some dill over the dish.

Everyone in my family loved the meal, so I’m cooking it again tonight. Give it a try yourself and share your photos and opinions with me!

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader