Blue Haikus

Haiku Heights #111 – Blue This time I decided to offer two haikus – one “classic” and one American:

Bluebells ringing soft

My eyes will hear the whisper

Of the silent night.


At no haste.

Mirror on the lake.

Blue. Awake.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

15 replies on “Blue Haikus”

  1. Ruth says:

    I love blue and these haiku are both so pretty – bluebells are among my favourite flowers and I can spend literally hours gazing into the cove’s mirror…

  2. Ruth, bluebells are among my favourites, too. Thank you for your words of appreciation.

  3. zongrik says:

    nice blue haiku

  4. I have loved bluebells ever since I met my first ones in a little wooded area on a farm I owned several years ago. Your strategic placement of “bluebells” as the first word in your haiku awakens so many good memories for me. And I love that line about your eyes hearing the whisper–oh, that’s startlingly delicious!

    Shadowy Blue Haiku

  5. Thanks to:

    zogrik – glad you liked it!
    Magical – happy to have brought back those moments for you!

  6. Jae Rose says:

    Those ringing bluebells ring magic..Jae

  7. Thank you, Jae!

  8. JulesPaige says:

    I have used my small verse website, but I also have another here where you found my longer verse/ Wordle. I also came up with a repeating ‘acrosTic’ that you can find at the longer verse blog. one example is:
    Thanks for your visit. You have inspired this piece based on the Dutch 11 word Elfje:

    silent ring
    heard in dreams
    pastel lilt lingering still


  9. I love Bluebells and used to walk among them often before I moved to Canada. Your Haiku are lovely.

  10. dsnake1 says:


    enjoyed your haiku.
    both are great but i liked the second one more. a lovely image of serenity.

  11. Thanks to:

    Jules – very nice response poem!
    Priyanka – you are very kind!
    Daydreamertoo – it seems that bluebells are favourites of most people around here 😉
    dsnake1 – encouraging words!

    I appreciate your visits, reading and commenting!

  12. I love your blue haiku, Mariya!

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