What Will Save … What?

Poetry Month

This year, I’ve been noticing a new thing. I am writing these poems consciously. Don’t think I am usually unconscious while writing poetry. I mean, I plan what I want to write and for the first time in my poet life I’ve been writing drafts which I edit afterwards. I have a theme for this chapbook and I don’t let the prompt take me wherever it will. There is nothing wrong in that, sure, but this time I take the prompt to my theme and let it do there what it will. But, as Elvis sang, “A little less conversation, a little more action”, please. So, let’s get to the action. Today I share the Day 10 poem, which was prompted as a Technology Poem:

Musing over My Morning Tea

Some say technology will save the world
Some doubt that
In reliance on what they call “spiritual awareness”.

In brief, they hope the aliens
Who brought us here, in the first place,
Will finally reveal their
Major plan for us.

And I?
I’m simply sipping at my tea
While the morning window
Shows the day to pass.
I sit silent in front of the booming TV,
Which pours wisdom that insults me
And questions all my reasonable boasts.

No technology can save me
From the inevitable
Feeling of stuffed

So, I pour myself some tea
And try to live another day.
© 2015, MK

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

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