The Mighty Nothing

Sunday Whirl #332

The Mighty Nothing

Ditch truth, tell only rumors.
Boil before serving.
Nothing real is as mighty as something
you hear on the grapevine.

The seams of your age-old wound
are the only reminder of the sliver that pierced your cheek.
The memory is almost lost in the middle of glorious light.

Your tears streak down to nothingness.

© 2018, MK

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This is one of my favourite creatures – dragonfly. The first time I’ve seen one was when it flew in our living room. Apartment block, fifth floor was strange enough. I got scared, I was just around ten. Later on, I told my Dad: ‘It looked just like a helicopter. How did they make themselves like that?’ Imagine the fun of my childish question. My father smiled very cheerfully and said: ‘Maybe people make helicopters like dragonflies, it’s easier.’ I continued: ‘Yeah, sure, but how do they?’ Dad said: ‘Well, maybe the engineers caught one dragonfly and took a good look of it.’
Not a day would pass without some cute memories of Dad come back when I remember all the small and fine things he used to teach me 🙂 (it might seem cheerful, but it’s tearful).

dragonfly on leaf
Image: Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem #303 – Dragonfly

Dainty whizzing through
nothingness in fairy wings
Supplies all eyes’ joy.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva

Hole, Nov PAD 19

a poem with a hole in it


A hole is emptiness

Surrounded by matter.

Are holes material?

And does it matter?

If it is nothing,

Then why we name it?

A hole is there

By its un-there-ness.