Thoughtful Tuesday – Homeopathy

I’m not sure how the topic of homeopathy entered my life. The earliest thing I remember was when in the middle of 1997, I heard of it on radio. It must have been a continuous topic, because I rarely notice novelties at the very first moment. I tried to listen carefully, and understood that this fashionable method relies on curing your disease by using small amounts of substances that cause the symptoms. It sounded similar to the principle of work of vaccines. But, vaccines are used to prevent and not to cure diseases.

Years later, what I would hear about homeopathy was completely different. No mention of treatment through similarity was made, but I had the impression that the active substances in the homeopathic drugs are effective against the symptoms. So, I forgot my initial memories about this method.
The next major wave of homeopathy into my life came after I had a baby. Our doctor would prescribe various medicine for our daughter: sometimes traditional, sometimes Dr Schuessler’s Salts, and at other times, some of the ready-made mixtures produced by Boiron or other famous companies. Honestly speaking, we have never tried traditional homeopathy. I know the traditional homeopaths criticise the ready mixtures as commercial fraud and betrayal of the pure principles of the method.

Science says that no trace of the active substance is to be detected in the drugs. Traditional physicians see no explanation of why and how these drugs would be effective. Official drug and medical authorities announce their opinions. I want to post here a link to one such compilation: 12 responsible and serious bodies have no reason to lie to the public. Well, haven’t they, in fact?

I agree with all that. Yet, I have friends who say homeopathy helps. They advocate for it stating it’s not a placebo effect. For some time, I used Influcid and it would help. I took it every 1.5 hours, for the whole day, for a day and a half. But, did it help, or the fact that I ate only a little, because you have to wait for an hour after a meal before taking a pill? One time, it didn’t help and I had to take antibiotics anyway. Then, I stopped taking it. Oscillococcinum never helps me. I would like it to do, but it doesn’t. Lately, I was sick and couldn’t go to see a doctor, so I followed the advice of friends of ours, and took another ready mixture, Corisalia. Maybe it helped. I combined that with regular sauna and steam bath for 2-3 days. Mmm, which one helped better?

Another thing I’ve tried are Dr. Bach’s Floral Drops. I’m still taking them, I cannot share a real opinion yet. They say, even if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt. I wonder, won’t it?