Moon… again

Poets United, Thursday Think Tank #87 – Moon

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I used to go
by the name
of Selena
in my most
private notebooks.

I used to dream of
living up there

and doing some job
whatever there is
that I
get assigned.

That idea had come
from a book

or the books
I was reading
back then –
I was thirteen.

Yet, the moon was too boring
I thought later on.
Can’t even imagine
in fact
living on it.

There’s no sun as we know it,
There’s no air,
or green grass or parks

to just stroll in.
Not work in, mind you. 

Close all the blinds
And dream of the sunlight!
Clearly, the important work
I had to be doing
up there,

had worn me off
while I had been growing

So, my girl named Selena
stayed way behind
on those notebooks
that are all hidden

a black plastic bag
along with some other
disturbingly teenage stuff.

More twists of years passed
and new girls appeared,
their eyes – so beautiful and clear,
who tempted me
out of my gloom.

I readily opened my windeye –
and I saw the Moon.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva


Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

4 thoughts on “Moon… again”

  1. This actually has a very disturbing quality for me, as I have a really strong sense of a kind of naivete attacked. (You know with the slapping from what feels a bit like a girl gang.) Certainly, this happens–and then the distance of the moon may feel welcome. Interesting poem. K.

  2. Thanks a lot:

    Average poet – indeed, it has to do with sci-fi reading 🙂
    Poetry road – and it has to do with dreams!
    Manicddaily – oh, you found girl gangs, so I had to alter the poem a bit. That was a mistake of mine 🙂

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