General Groups Poem

This General Groups Poem was a Wednesday prompt by Robert at Poetic Asides. Curiously, I had forgotten to post it here. So, here it is now.



are useless


they consume

too much

and that


makes them



they are




are cute

on TV only.

Apart from that

I’m delighted

I don’t live




Vikings look cool


you don’t have to smell them, too.


A few words need be said regarding “general groups” and the act of “generalising”, however. I focused the entire basis of my poor and scanty academic career in the past on the struggle against generalising. Later, my life attitude and daily rhetoric has been actively opposed to it, as well. So, writing this light poem, I attempted to view the subject in just that – its funny perspective.

Author: soul mary

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2 thoughts on “General Groups Poem”

  1. I am so glad I don’t live with zombies – or politicians, for that matter, too! Do Vikings smell bad? (My guess is that you are probably right, considering the time when they lived.) ?

  2. RJ – I’m so happy to see you here again! Regarding Vikings, my sentiment exactly – considering the time… Otherwise I can’t know. Well, everybody must have smelled bad in that time, for that matter. Except for babies 😉

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