Day 1 of NovPAD: Glorious Poem

This year, I’m doing November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge for the 9th time. My first round was in 2010, and I met wonderful people out there, plus I wrote some amazing poems. This time around, I have an idea for a chapbook, and I’ll try to write towards it. I’ll compile a chapbook called “Letters to My Younger Self”.

The prompt for Day 1 is Glorious Poem. Here’s mine:
Hey, girl, you know that glory waits for you
Just around the corner.

You’ll be a performer who everyone will love
Who everyone will follow
Who everyone will long to look like,
Feel like,
Charm like,
Be loved like.

You’ll be a scientist – all students will admire you
All students and readers will do research on you
All other scientists will listen to.

Hey, girl, you’ll be a star.
Know it!

(You don’t know anything yet,
But I bow to your vast hope
Against all hopes.
And I love you.)

(c) 2018 MK