Book Review: 30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray

30 Pieces of Silver

by Carolyn McCray

I liked the book immensely. Not from the very beginning, though. Changing of the setting confused me and annoyed me to some degree. I had my guesses that all the pieces of the puzzle would eventually come together, though. Quite so, once I set “foot” in the jungles of Ecuador, I couldn’t stop reading. Well, with a full-time job and an active 2 year-old reading was more intermittent than what I wished, yet I always lay my laptop down rather reluctantly.

Mention of my laptop reminds me of one of the few annoyances in the book  – the fact that Rebeca Monroe will work on her laptop constantly, tirelessly typing, using some kinds of strange connections to the global network. Its battery never seems to exhaust, its case and keyboard don’t get damaged amidst the dust, explosions, shocks and overall commotion they undergo. How come she will always “open her laptop” and start entering data, working on charts and graphs… be it onboard a plane, a chopper, under the cross-fire in an airfield hangar, in a dilapidating building or anywhere dangerous, dirty and weird… simply eludes me. She is always able to carry it without ever scratching it. The endurance of Dr. Monroe’s laptop was a miracle to me.

Yet, leaving that apart, 30 Pieces of Silver has it all – it is packed with action and suspense; there is a lot of scientific talk, a great deal of religious stuff, too – in short, it will satisfy all kinds of appetites. There are memorable and fairly credible characters, as well. At times I loved them and at times I hated them, which is always a good sign with me. Every now and then I would criticise the characters, or even ridicule them for what they say, or do; and later on I would admire them for the same. They intrigued me and stayed with me. What’s even more attractive with characters is that they take rather funny and witty breaks speaking, which I find particularly appealing. I always like a good and refreshing laugh amidst the angst of the thriller.

I would definitely recommend the book to all historical and religious thriller lovers, as it did bring some bright diversity in my routine. I was a bit sorry to finish reading it, in fact, and I am definitely going to look for other books by Ms. McCray to read.

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader